Welcome to my homestead on the internet.

UPDATE: 6/2017: ‘Root Finding Robot’ will be shown as part of the 2017 Bridges Conference Short Film Festival.

UPDATE: 2/2015: Wired Magazine (Deutschland) featured the Anti Face project/app here.

UPDATE: 7/2014: A summary of all the threads comprising the Face Field project is here.

UPDATE: 6/2014: Some faces from the Face Cloud are on exhibit as part of Adelheid Mers’ ‘Enter The Matrix‘ exhibit.

UPDATE: 5/2014: Our ‘Face Cloud‘ submission to Google Dev Art was short-listed.

UPDATE: 10/2013: Our ‘Anti Face’ is in the app store and its FREE. Give it a try:

iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anti-face/id690376775
Info: http://facefield.org/infoPage.htm